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Previous screenshot

Previous screenshot

Previous is a NeXT computer hardware emulator. It is able to emulate the following machines:

Previous runs all versions of the NeXT operating system from NeXTstep 0.8 through OPENSTEP 4.2. It can connect to the internet or to your host system for file sharing. It supports video output at 1120 x 832 pixels with up to 32-bit color and CD quality sound output, including DSP audio processing. Furthermore it supports printing to PNG files at 400 dpi resolution. Previous can be run with up to seven emulated SCSI disk drives, up to two magneto-optical disk drives and one floppy disk drive. It almost completely matches the features of real black hardware.

For running Previous you need a copy of the NeXT ROM.

In more detail Previous emulates the following components:

Processor68040 CPU or 68030 CPU combined with 68882 FPU, 56001 DSP
MemoryUp to 128 MB RAM
Special chipsProprietary DMA controller, optical disk drive ECC controller and NeXTbus interface chip
Mass storageSCSI disk drives (hard disk, CD-ROM and floppy), magneto-optical disk drives and floppy disk drive
NetworkVirtual Ethernet connected through SLiRP
Video2-bit grayscale or 16-bit color screen
GraphicsNeXTdimension board with i860 processor and up to 64 MB RAM with 32-bit color screen and support for dual screen setup
Sound16-bit stereo sound output, telephone quality sound input
Printer400 dpi NeXT laser printer
ClockReal time clock with host time synchronization
InputVirtual mouse and keyboard

Currently missing components are: